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Aleksei Archer is the founder of Mourning Glory. After losing her father, Jeremy, to suicide in 2017, her life was turned up side down. Lost and confused, a victim of unfathomable loss, she began searching for healing modalities to deal with her complex grief. After trying every last “coping mechanisms,”  she finally attended a Suicide Loss Survivor Group meeting in 2019 and it completely elevated her grieving pathway.

The inspirations that came as a result of the courage of her fellow survivors who shared their stories made clear that this was where the real healing would begin. In April of 2020, she began hosting her own therapeutic group meetings via Zoom. Her mission is to provide free mental health care for suicide loss survivors through camaraderie, conversations & compassion.


H E A D  T H E R A P I S T

Andrew Lande is our lead mental health professional and has been co-hosting Mourning Glory zoom meetings with our founder, Aleksei since April 2020. He has had extensive experience with addiction and recovery as well as complicated grief, complex trauma, mood disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorders working with veteran and civilian populations along with our very special community of suicide loss survivors. Additionally, he has developed a deep appreciation and familiarity working with couples to help promote effective communication, emotional expression, and clearer boundaries to cultivate healthier and more mutually rewarding relationships. Before his career in psychotherapy, he was fortunate to travel the world extensively with these special experiences having become a vital component to his unique perspective. These experiences combined with the personal growth and emotional development attained through his own psychotherapeutic journey have become the catalyst for him wanting to join this transformative field where he can share and give back to his clients.



Dr. Marlon Rollins’ sister Amber Rose Rollins, died by suicide in 2013. He has dedicated his professional career to raise awareness about the stigma around mental health and substance use disorders.


Marlon is a licensed mental health counselor and a professional clinical counselor with a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and a PhD in Educational Psychology. He has been a member of National Association of Crisis Organization Directors (NASCOD) as well as a member of the Steering Committee for National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


With over 15 years experience in behavioral healthcare, he has worked extensively in the nonprofit sector. Dr. Rollins has been instrumental in developing suicide prevention protocols and procedures in EMR platforms as well as providing various trainings. He aided in the implementation of a SAMHSA Garrett Lee-Smith Grant with the Zero Suicide Institute in a large integrated healthcare system and is a board member of the United Loss Survivors International

S O C I A L  M E D I A

Rose has a deep love for collaboration, creativity, community, and connection. She has a humble desire to serve and spread love. After experiencing the death of her boyfriend in college, she began her journey of healing. She pursued her fascination with mental health & wellbeing and received her certification in Integrative Health with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as well as a certification in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. After losing her brother to suicide in 2018, her desire to help others on their healing journeys was amplified. Today, she is working with Mourning Glory developing the brand, look and aesthetic on their mission to make mourning go mainstream.

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S U R V I V O R  A T  L A R G E

Scott Young lost his son, Joshua, to suicide 3 years ago. He is mobilized to advocate for support services benefiting survivors and to lobby for de-stigmatization efforts for mental health issues generally, and suicide specifically. Mourning Glory is a primary location for his activism.
Scott is Professional Clergy and has served as Chaplain/Religious Advisor at numerous universities, including UCLA and USC. He currently serves as Campus Minister at UC San Diego.

He is Co-founder and President of Culture Connection, Inc., a non-profit that convenes artists and creatives for urban adventures/thoughtful creativity/media experiences/spiritual exploration. Mental Health struggles are common in the Arts community.
Scott is available to assist survivors in their loss and grieving with compassionate companionship.

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