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I lost my boyfriend Ryan to suicide on September 5, 2013. While we were still in college we had been dating for over two years and I believe he was my soulmate. I have never loved anyone they way I loved him. I went to therapy after Ryan died and then over time I stopped therapy and kept up with yoga and staying active as my therapy. When I moved to LA in 2020 I started therapy again sort of as a life check up but I just didn’t feel that I was getting much out of it. I never considered going to a support group until I met Aleksei and she invited me in. 


We met working on her pilot for Venice Beach Scumbags, a dark comedy about suicide, funny enough. I realized on set that she too had lost a loved one to suicide. Towards the end of the shoot we had a conversation about it all. She told me about Mourning Glory and asked if I wanted to join.


Although so much time has passed, I realized a long time ago that I will never get over my grief but I will learn how to better handle and deal with my grief. I still think therapy is so important but I didn’t realize the importance and beauty of a support group. Having a group of people to talk to about my loss with, who understood exactly that I am dealing with has made all the difference in my grieving journey. I remember my first session with Mourning Glory I just cried so much, but not because I was sad, but more so because I knew I was truly being understood, heard and supported. I was met with the same compassion that I would hope to give. Everyone in this group has experienced a version of my same pain in their own way and there’s something special about that that I hold so dear. Each session feels like a big hug and a reminder that it will all be ok! 


I found Mourning Glory in a random way and I am so thankful I did. I can only hope more people will learn about and be able to experience the unconditional love and support that I found with the amazing family we have formed at Mourning Glory. 


We are not alone! 

Emily, 30, Santa Monica, CA



I met Aleksei at another suicide support group. Her empathy and compassion was evident from the very start and she offered me two very comforting suggestions... not general suggestions, but specific to my needs.


Her attentiveness in that regard had me returning to that group. When she founded Mourning Glory and asked if I would like to join the group, I was delighted. She knows this kind of grief and loss and her capacity to impart true care and understanding is remarkably healing. She brought on board Andrew, a licensed therapist, and together they facilitate weekly meetings.


Mourning Glory is an appropriate name for the group because it's all about how we go from withered in the dark to blossoming in the light again. It's the most open and healing group I've ever encountered. In many ways it saved my life.


I will be forever grateful to her and to the group of fellow 'survivors.' I can't imagine what would have become of me were it not for her and them.


Tom, 72, Venice Beach, CA


"I am deeply grateful to the MOURNING GLORY support group for “SURVIVORS after Suicide loss.” It provides a weekly safe place for me to talk openly about my beloved son, Joshua Steven Young, who killed himself June 18, 2018.

I can share feelings of agonizing grief, report in on a good or bad week and most importantly I can keep the memory of Josh alive by telling his stories to my fellow survivors who have become like unbiased family members who will listen empathetically!

Mourning Glory reflects the loving spirit of founder, Aleksei Archer, the therapeutic insight of co-facilitator Andrew Lande, and the solidarity with other special survivors. It is a constant staple in my life of grief and navigating a world without Joshua’s physical presence. He is now present in this other meaningful way."

Scott, 65, Long Beach, CA

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