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How Friends Became Survivors

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Rose and I met 7 years ago, feels like a lifetime… sometimes it feels like we were different people back then (I mean, you should have seen the guys we were dating… not great). This was long before the thought or idea of becoming a survivor of suicide loss had occurred to either one of us. But in April 2017, my father Jeremy took his life and just a year and a half later, Rose’s brother Chad also died by suicide.

How could this be? That two dear friends would be experiencing something so similar at such close proximity? It speaks to the overwhelming number of suicides as they skyrocket.

White males have the highest rates of suicide in America and accounted for 69.38% of suicide deaths in 2019.

Having the support of one another was both shocking and disarming. It was as if we were meant to have met all those years ago so that we could be there for one another in this violently raw and delicate time in our lives. Today, we have banded together to spread awareness in the loss survivor community. Here we are at the "Alive & Running" hosted by the Suicide Prevention Center (Didi Hirsch) on Sunday, September 19th, 2019 in Los Angeles.

We miss our walks and can’t wait for the world to open back up so that we can continue our mission of supporting the wider community.

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