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Hardened by Life

Being hardened by life isn’t always all that bad…

because it gave me a warrior mentality about the way life can come at me sometimes. At times my trauma can force me into my shell like a turtle escaping from the outside world but many times, knowing what I know makes me know that I can handle anything. The other side affect of hardship is compassion; having the ability to be there for someone and step into their shoes. I believe that all good is birthed from darkness, like a beautiful baby that is birthed from the darkness of the womb.

Today, I’m discovering new aspects of myself, why I am here and what purpose I came to this planet to serve; and although the survivor community isn’t the group anyone ever wants to be in, I’ve made some of the greatest friends in my life from the deep connection that we all share. When I meet a survivor it’s as if I’m meeting a long lost friend, a person with whom I share a commonality of pain that it unlike any other.

And with all that being said, I wish more that anything that the survivor community wasn’t continuing to grow at such a rapid rate. It’s my wish that almost-post-pandemic now that things are opening back up and people can return to normalcy that we will see less depression and more pure joy. Sending love to every person reading this.

If you are a survivor looking for support we now have an open monthly meeting on Zoom on the last Thursday of every month at noon PST.

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